The devloper logs are now online, keep up to date with the inner working of Infinite Playground with Creative Director Johnathan Vigurs and Techincal Director Chris Light.


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30/3/2012 DEMON TROPHY (VGM-A-THON 2012)

A few weeks ago we entered into Starter for 10, a program run by Creative England to award ten South West businesses with grants of £10,000 from the European Regional Development Fund. As part of the scheme each successful company would receive mentoring! Something that would really allow the company to stand on its own!


It really stood out to us as the money was non-repayable and we would not need to give an equity share for the investment. This seemed like an amazing opportunity that we couldn’t miss.


We made it through the initial selection stage and then through our regional heat in Bournemouth. Now only fifteen companies remained! Fifteen companies with great ideas and amazing people behind them.


After a nerve-racking two days in Bristol for the final it was announced we had one of the £10,000 catalyst investments and mentoring!!


Now all we need to do is get the game finished by August.


Since getting the great news we’ve been working solidly on Mech Mania to prove to the judges they made the right choice awarding us the investment.







VGM-a-thon 2012 concludes. The community game named Demon Trophy made for the 48 hour game making event is available to be played.


You can play Demon Trophy here.



17/2/2012 DEMON TROPHY (VGM-A-THON 2012)
15/10/2012 VGM-A-THON 2012

Infinite Playground is proud to sponsor and host VGM Awesomeââ��ƒÂ¢Ã¢â€šÂ¬Ã…¡Ã‚¬Ã¢â€žÂ¢s 48 hour community game making event VGM-a-thon 2012.


The VGM-a-thon is a 48 hour challenge hosted by VGM Awesome: video game radio, to design, construct and deliver a community video game in just one weekend by taking on board the ideas and content submissions from the community.




03/11/2012 HIVe WINS EXPLAY 2012 GAME JAM

The game HIVe created by Chris and Johnny from Infinite Playground alongside John Sandford. Wins the first place for the Explay 2012 24 hour game Jam.


HIVe is game of deception between HIV and an antiretroviral drug in a competitive 2 player scenario. The objective of the HIV player is to infect as many cells as possible before being caught by the antiretroviral drug player.


You can play it here.




17/10/2012 EXPLAY 2012



Infinite are going to be at the Explay conference 2012. Come and visit our booth and play our unveiled titles in development ahead of 2013.


The Extended Play Conference will take place on Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd November 2012. The conference will build on last year's successful event, bringing further talks, panels and discussions from industry figures, under three tracks: Inspire: These sessions will be talks designed to inspire creativity, across all areas of game development, from design and writing, to code and art. Share: These sessions will be creators sharing their experiences and stories around all areas of game development. Create: These sessions are designed to have practical take aways, talking about tools, content creation, design and more.


Alongside the conference will run an expo area, where you can play games, chat, have a drink, and hear short talks from the creators throughout the days and in break times.

The sessions will run from 10am-5pm both days, and will be followed by evening events.


Each year Extended Play will explore a key topic or topics which developers can take advantage of to build successful contemporary game properties. Last year the festival focused on 'games as a service', looking at what opportunities and challenges this presents. This year we are looking to inspire, and encourage share knowledge and experiences between all attendees through our three session tracks, with keynotes, talks, panels and fun activities.


Extended Play is also the first games festival in the south west and is also designed to promote and enhance the games industry in the area.






Infinite Playground 2013