Infinite Playground is a small game company and interactive media studio based in the southwest of England founded in 2011 by a group of up and coming talented graduates. We specialise in releasing original IP for multiple platforms and existing as a creative outlet for games and interactive media, both digital and physical.


Johnny is a graduate in Design for Games at Plymouth College of Art and founder of Infinite Playground. After a well spent youth in front of various games consoles and home computers Johnny found himself creating his first game at the age of 8 which naturally lead to exploring animation techniques as a tool. From here Johnny delved into the world of freelancing and after a few jobs turned his attention to game modding where he became a name in some modding circles. In 2011 Johnny founded Infinite Playground and leads the team on several big projects.


Graduating in Games Technology at the University of the West of England 2010, Chris is an experienced game and simulation developer working on numerous indie titles including the award winning Xbox 360 marketplace game Ultraviolet. Alongside programming Chris is a sound engineer and brings this profession into the production to help achieve the highest produced and polished titles.

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