The game HIVe created by Chris and Johnny from Infinite Playground alongside John Sandford. Wins the first place for the Explay 2012 24 hour game Jam.


HIVe is game of deception between HIV and an antiretroviral drug in a competitive 2 player scenario. The objective of the HIV player is to infect as many cells as possible before being caught by the antiretroviral drug player. We felt that the lifecycle of a virus is a constant battle of deception with the body and our game tries to capture this whilst at heart still being a game and being fun. We felt using HIV as the virus was important for its relation to scientific research and global social issues.


You can play it here.


This year’s ExPlay Game Jam was staged at the Science Museum in London and the Pervasive Media Studio in Bristol with over 100 games enthusiasts taking part in a 24 hour game development frenzy, for for a chance to win a showcase at this year’s ExPlay Festival in Bath. In early October, budding game developers and designers from across the UK were invited to take part at either the Science Museum in London, or at the Pervasive Media Studio in Bristol. Open to teams and individuals, the game jam was led by expert bio-medical scientists from the Wellcome Trust and opened by Professor Bruce Hood, known to millions for his numerous books, articles and TV appearances, who revealed the theme of ‘Deception’ in his opening keynote.









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