The VGM-a-thon is a 48 hour challenge hosted by, VGM Awesome: video game radio, to design, construct and deliver a community video game in just one weekend by taking on board the ideas and content submissions from the community.


This game was made in 48 hours and needs testing, if you find any errors or issues in the game email Chris Light at with as much detail as possible to the nature of the issue. Thanks.


Play Demon Trophy v0.1 here.


> Objectives

> Defeat the demon lord

> Level up your party



> WASD move and menu navigation

> SPACE menu select

> BACKSPACE return from menu


Developed for VGM-a-thon 2012 a 48 hour community video making event.


Matt Walker - Producer, Composer

Chris Light - Lead Designer

Ross Wilson - Documentarian

Jon Dixon - Documentarian

Johnny Vigurs - Gameplay Mechanics

Claire Scully - Script and Story

Andrew Scully - Programming and Story

Matthew Lindsay - Art



> Bradley Stoke Town Council

> Willow Brook Centre

> Bradley Stoke Radio

> Infinite Playground Ltd

> Ben Walker

> Fortune Favours the Brave Films

> The Sonic Show

> The Harvester

> Greggs



> Rachael Pullen

> Jamie Egge-Mann

> Steven Blastoise Grayson

> Scott Wilson

> Chas Brickley

> Charlotte Walker

> Tanner Bachnick

> Louis le Blanc

> Jake Weedman

> Tahjeante Webb

> Genni Hedgie

> James Harlow

> Angel Jaden

> Lito290

> Liam Ashcroft







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